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Thinking about creating your own website but not sure where to start? You are in the right place. Follow the easy to understand tutorial right below explaining what you need to do. The process has 3 main steps :

  1. Get Domain Name
  2. Get Hosting Provider
  3. Create WordPress Application was created with a simple idea in mind – to provide complete beginners a straightforward explanation of the website creation steps.

Take a look at the manuals showing what you need to do to have your own website up and running in around 1 hour. It is really simple.

– Lucas, the author

Start now to have your website online by tomorrow.

About This Free, Step-by-Step Tutorial What you will find below is a manual how to launch your blog or other website as fast as possible. How fast? You need to spend approximately 1 hour today to have it online tomorrow: it takes about an hour to set all things up, plus there is some processing time on the suppliers side – we can count up to few hours here. So if you go through the steps described below today, you can start working on your website tomorrow at the latest. I really wanted to present you a get-things-done approach manual. Nothing but essential information below. If you like to discover more, I invite you to check other articles with useful stuff, but they are optional.

Before we continue, one disclaimer from my side. To publish your website, you will need to secure a domain name, hosting service and select a website builder. Sure enough, there are multiple options to pick and hundreds combinations between them. Feel free to learn in detail about all of them, but it is going to take you every afternoon for the next 3 months : ) How do I know? Well, I have learned it hard way. When I decided to open my website, I wanted to learn all about the process in detail. I felt I had to discover and evaluate all the possible service providers, to pick the very best one. In the end, I got into paralysis-by-analysis situation. Checking out multiple rankings of domain providers, comparing the prices, comparing pros and cons… it didn’t lead me any closer to starting my site. I hope you avoid my mistake and don’t waste time. The guide proposes Cloudways as a hosting provider and GoDaddy as a domain provider. Are they the best? I do not know that. Are they good? Yes. This I can tell you for sure. They are among the best. I have picked them up after reading tons of reviews and they were consistently recommended by people familiar with the topic. I have been personally using them since early 2021 and never had any reason to complain about so this is an honest recommendation. If anything changes in my experience, I will make sure to write it right here. More on provider selection in this article.

Having the choice of providers clarified, we can move on to the steps.

Get Domain Name

The starting point is to secure the domain name, in other words the name of your website. If you are looking for some ideas how to come up with a catchy name, check out for example here or here. Once you are decided, you must verify if the domain name is free – if no one else has already purchased the rights to use it. So we go to GoDaddy and check if it is available for purchase by typing the name in the box and clicking on Search Domain :

GoDaddy: check availability of your domain name

Here as you can see the is already taken, as I have purchased it myself, but the service is showing you proposals that are similiar and available to buy :

GoDaddy: search results

I don’t select any of the alternatives proposed by GoDaddy and instead search Turns out it is free (what a surprise :)) so I have added it to the cart.

GoDaddy: check domain price and add to cart

Finally we can proceed to the check out. You can select for how long you would like to purchase your domain. It can be for 1 or 2 years, or longer. I suppose that like me you are only beginning the adventure with blogging, so 2 years is sufficient time. It is always possible to extend it, and if for whatever reason you decide to abandon your project, you are not losing any serious money. In example below, 21 euros for 2 years – I can take it.

GoDaddy: finalize the purchase

Get Hosting Provider

Once you have the domain name, you can get the hosting. As I have mentioned in this post, I have bought it from Cloudways and can honestly recommend it as a satisfied user. On their front page click on Pricing to see the available options.

Cloudways: select your pricing plan

When I was purchasing my server space (back in March 2021) the cheapest offer was for $12 / month and now I see that they even improved the offer by proposing a free trial period. It is totally sufficient for a beginning, I would not even consider more pricey plans.

Right now there is a great promotion available only until end of November. Use promo code “BFCM4040″ to get 40% off for 4 months.

Once you pick your option, you will proceed to the account creation and payment process. I have created it with my Google account to simplify access.

Cloudways: create an account

Once this is done, you are ready to setting up your website – creating the WP application and linking it with your domain name. It is a bit more complicated than previous steps and requires some attention, but after that you are ready to start publishing your content.

Create WordPress Application

Upon your first login to Cloudways, you will see that you have a server created for you. Now you can actually create your website that will be stored on it. To do that, click on Applications on the top bar and then click button +Add Application on the right side.

Cloudways: add WordPress application

A screen appears where we must select the type of an application we want.

Cloudways: new app selection

In our case, it will be a WordPress, version 5.8 (newest one at the moment).

Cloudways: select WordPress newest version

Then you just need to enter the Name for your App and confirm the creation by clicking on ADD APPLICATION. Great !

Cloudways: name & create your app

Link the Domain to Your Hosting

Final step is to link the domain (name of your website, that you have purchased in previous step) with your hosting, i.e. the server space on Cloudways. It is necessary to set up this link, so that when anyone types your website address in the browser he is directed to the content – application you just created on the server. This step was kind of tricky for me, as a complete beginner in this domain, but hey – if I managed to do that, it means anyone else can : )

  1. We start by adding your domain at the Cloudways Platform. To do this we go to the Application Management menu, then Domain Management section. There we must type our domain name in the Primary Domain field and save changes. That’s it.
Cloudways: enter your domain name in Domain Management

2. Next task for us is pointing our domain to Cloudways using the DNS records. DNS refers to Domain Name System. It translates domain name (in our example to an IP address (165.227.xx.xx) of the server where the website is hosted. For this purpose, we must create DNS entries that are stored at the domain provider – GoDaddy. So we login to GoDaddy and search in menu the following: Domains > My Domains > Domain Setting, then Manage DNS, until you see something like on the screenshot below :

GoDaddy: DNS record table

So here, in the table DNS Records, I had to manually change 2 records:

  • A record (first one in the table) – where I entered my IP address in Data and @ in Name. This makes a link between the domain and the server where it is stored.
  • CNAME record – where I entered my domain name in Data and www in Name. This way, when you type in the browser, it will direct you to my site.

Once we save the changes in DNS records, it can take few hours to correctly propagate this information across the Internet infrastructure. We can check this with DNS propagation service, like There we type our domain name and see if it is known in servers across the world. That was really cool for me, to see my website actually known and accessible worldwide.

whatsmydns: check DNS propagation

Secure Your Site Using HTTPS

Final step is to secure your site using SSL certificate. Even though our domain is accessible without it, we don’t want to skip this part. Unsecured website is vulnerable to online attacks and is risky for the visitors. So let’s go back to the Application Management menu and this time select SSL Certificate section. By default, Cloudways is offering for free Let’s Encrypt certificate. We leave this as our choice and fill in Email Address and Domain Name fields then click on INSTALL CERTIFICATE. That’s it, we are ready to go. Note also that we have a possibility to enable Auto Renewal of the certificate, which is by default valid for 1 year period. In the end of the process, the settings look like below.

Cloudways: SSL certificate setup

All of the above steps are very well described in tutorial provided by Cloudways. If you are in doubt, I highly recommend that material, was helpful for me.

Start Creating the Content

Finally we have everything ready to go. We can login to our WordPress site and start creating and publishing the content. To do that, type in the browser your website address followed by /wp-admin/ , like “” and login using your application credentials from Cloudways (Application Management\Access Details). Have fun, I hope in short time you will have your great website up and running ! 🙂

Your website: Ready to go !!

If you want to find out about technical basics of how the websites function before creating your own one, check out How do the websites work page. It covers the basic knowledge worth to have, explaining all essential topics like the domain, hosting, web server, themes, plugins, website builders, WordPress etc.