HI !

I am Lucas. Nice to welcome you on 60itips.com, where I am sharing the tips to easily start your own blog / website. I went through this process by myself recently and it took me considerably longer than 60 minutes to figure it out (more like 2 months :-)) and now I want to pass my experience to simplify the things for you.

To be clear, there is no way I can call myself an expert 🙂 I am just a smarter version of myself from few months ago, when I knew literally nothing (and I mean it) about website creation. I guess it’s a shame to admit these days, but that is a fact. And I had to invest quite a lot of time to learn about it, how to get a name for a website, how to make it actually published etc. Some sources were fantastic, others just a cheap marketing to advertise a single hosting service. In this blog I am offering my angle on first website creation, from personal experience. If you spot something not exactly correct, and you find a moment to drop a comment, I will be more than happy to receive such criticism and improve my site. My goal is to present the essential knowledge for website creation in simple, attractive way, for people taking first steps in this area.

Apart from that I am also sharing the best resources I found when researching how to monetize on the online content. This is a topic that I find really interesting and ultimately I would like to be able to have some additional, steady profit from online activities. Same as with the above topic, I will share best info I found about it.

Hope you will find it helpful !